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Golok Lurus: Sultan Guard - Indonesian 14th Century Sword

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Current Bid: 100 USD

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This is a very rare, unique and old Indonesian sword known as Pedang Luwuk, from the Central Java, which was used only for nobility or the knigts of the sultan guard (Golok Lurus). This kind of swords were made for first time in the Indonesian Pajajaran (era), around the 14th century. It's 32" long and less of an inch wide, perfectly straight, guardless, and without a very thin point. The grip is made of wood and it's believed that has special powers due to be made with a special ritual.

This Java Island’s “Luwuk” (Sword) has a short heavy blade with a cutting edge and a slightly concave back and a blade heavier in the center with a curved point at the tip. Golok Lurus means "Sultan Guard" (Golok is a kind of cleaver). 

This is a "PEDANG LUWUK" from the Central Java Island in Indonesia, which it's believed to have special powers as it was made with dedicated rituals. It was used only for the nobility and the Sultan knights. Even it has a handmade printing of 3 letters on the top of the blade, which probably were the initials of its original owner. 

This 'luwuk', with its gorgeous carved grip figuring a falcon head and the no less beautiful carved scabbard, both made from horn wood, comes from the Indonesian "Pajajaran" (Era), situated around the 14th Century although it's very well conserved. If you are looking for a museum's worthy item, this is it.

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Auction started: 03 Jul, 2020 - 21:50:02
Auction ends: 24 Jul, 2020 - 21:50:02
Auction ID: 3978