About Auction Amigo

How do you make money?

We earn money by placing small advertisements on the item (auction) pages. You can remove these by paying 30 euro for 90 days.

Do you have more than 10 years of auction experience?

Yes! Since 2000, Auction Amigo has been focused on one thing: online auctions. With over 10 years in the auction industry, our experience with online auction solutions is second to none. At Auction Amigo, we make sure that you benefit from our experience.

Is Auction Amigo much cheaper than other suppliers?

Yes! No commissions, no fancy upgrade fees, and no photo gallery charges, all designed to give you more profit from your business than you would on other sites.

What is the advantage of using a Plugin versus building your own solution for hosting auctions?

Our fully hosted Auction Plugin eliminates technical headaches and enables you to build your auction business. Before buying expensive auction software, consider that you will have to install, host and maintain it yourself. The Auction Plugin takes care of the technical side of things, so you can focus on making money!

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