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How do I integrate the Plugin in my website?

After you've created your Plugin, you will immediately be given a code. After pasting this code in your website, the Auction Plugin will be available on your website.

Is there a limitation using the PlugIn?

Not at all! For you, as our Amigo, there are no limitations on usage for sites and domains.

How can I create my Auction Plugin?

After you log in, enter the Control Panel and create your own Plugin in the editor. Alternately, pick a template for your Plugin. It will prompt you to select 'Generate Widget Code', after which you can copy the code in your own site. That's all.

Is the Auction Amigo Plugin easy to use?

Dear Amigo! We realize you may not be a professional web developer so we’ve worked hard to provide a powerful solution which is simple to use. If you can send e-mail then you can run our Auction Plugin!

Can I change the Plugin the way I like it?

Yes. You can change the Plugin in the Control Panel the way you want. We also offer you a set of astonishing Plugin templates.

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